Discover Rome private driver guided day tours

Discover Our Local Rome private guided day tours with our driver and guides in Rome and all you need to know about The City of Rome with Italy limousine. Latium is the Region in Italy where the City of Rome is Positioned also the city is called the Eternal City. The reason is if Rome should fall then it will be the End, and that is why it has been called Rome the Eternal City. The City itself has some of the Greatest Monuments of the Roman Empire where you can admire and discover with our guided tours and explore sites that include the Imperial Roman Forum the Coliseum the Arch of Constantine and the Pantheon and the Appian Way.

The city of Rome is also the center and of the Christian faith, you can re visit the Catacombs Burial tombs of the early Christian. Discover the Catacombs of San Callixtus and San Sabastian. In Addition, one can discover the important Jewish Catacombs in Rome

The city of Rome has a strong historical past with the Jewish faith you can visit the Jewish Ghetto, and the first Jews to arrive in Rome Eretz Israel in 160BC, they travelled to Rome to ask protection against the Syrian king, a small community in Rome was created called the Golar. Also later on in time we have the Jewish Ghetto Roman Ghetto which was established in the year 1555 so there is a strong Jewish story in Rome as well where you can also visit the Jewish Catacombs ( only by appointment ).

Rome and the Vatican, the City is where you will find the catholic church this small state is the house of the Pope who is  the head of the Catholic Church worldwide. Visiting the Vatican City is an experience touring the Basilica of St Peters and the Vatican Museum, which is home to many important art works and manuscripts and the resting place of the popes. In addition, the Vatican City is where the great Square of St Peter is and the place that Peter was Crucified (upside down) by the Romans.

The Outskirts of Rome you can visit the lake of Bracciano and the two Etruscan towns of Cerverteri and Tarquina. In addition, the wine country of Frascati. We have the main Port of Civitavecchia where many Cruise ships arrive for the day so ideal to tour Rome and Lazio from the port of Civitavecchia an excellent opportunity for who arrives for one day. Discover Rome with Italy limousine we are highly rated as an excellent company to organize your shore excursion and ground tours Rome and Vatican and more let us organize all for you.

Hire a Private Driver to Tour Italy

Hire a Private Driver to Tour Italy

Private Tour of Italy let us schedule your days in Italy
Starting an 8 day tour through the Amalfi Coast, Rome and Tuscany and finally Venice
Tour code 182

Monte Cassino Day trip

Monte Cassino Day trip
  • Code: Tour19 Montecassina and Cassino
  • Departure From: Naples, Rome
  • Duration: 8-9 hours
  • Meet from your hotel 0900
  • private driver narrative day

Rome By Night Tour

Rome By Night Tour
  • Code: Tour77
  • Departure From: Rome city hotel/apartments Suite Hotels/Airport/Station.
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • meet at 2100

Rome to Pompeii and Salerno Christmas Lights

Rome to Pompeii and Salerno Christmas Lights

tour code 132
Rome to Pompeii annd Salerno Christmas Lights
meet at Naples centrale station
return back to Rome with your private limo driver
duration 10hrs
pick up time 0845 ( train suggested 9601 from Rome termini)

Mobility tour of the Amalfi coast

Mobility tour of the Amalfi coast

Tour 198
Amalfi coast for who uses a wheelchair
Nothing is Impossible !
Duration 11 hrs
Pick up Naples station
Drop of Rome hotel
Also highlight of Pompeii can be added

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