All you need to know about italylimousine read our Profile about who we are as a company and team. Italy Limousine which is Also Now a registered Trade Mark brand company. Where it all started from its Humble beginnings... and the great hard work that has brought us to be a highly Respected company in Italy and worldwide.

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Italy Limousine the official limousine company is a true success story a family based operation that started from nothing only through hard work and dedication this company can hold up its head high, as today it is one of the very best Limousine & Tour and transfer services in Italy. The proof of this is our long list of clients from individuals to travel agents to VIP Clients. From the start and until today and in the future of course, this has all been possible with your help and this has allowed us to grow, because of you this company in Italy Is a respected limousine service internationally. In addition, thanks to the great reviews and references passed on from person to person.

This is Italy limousine our dedication to each individual that we have had the honor to assist with our services in Italy. Offering Private Day tours and Transfers from airport to hotel. Our elite tours across Italy Our High Security services for important VIP Clients (i.e. Politicians and royal families). This has made us grow into one of the most respected honest Companies in Italy. Leaving your trust in us to take care of all while visiting Italy. The Family team and I want to thank you in making this all possible and being part of our Family. A short description About how everything started from where it began many years ago with just one driver and a Car and One member in the office and over these many years has grown into a solid important limousine company in Italy , Reflecting what good business practice is all about. Gennaro Founded The company in 1998 he had one car and had been working as a private tour driver for a couple of years with another large Executive Limousine transfer and tour company in Italy and he decided to start up his own small enterprise. A couple of years of hard work building an image of Honesty Integrity and professionalism he has emerged creating a respected Company and a Team that goes with him all across Italy.

Operating a team of Drivers that are all Qualified and Bilingual from the 4 main offices across Italy and a with qualified travel staff to answer a 24 hr online information and a 24hr call center where you will always find someone to answer your questions.

We Hope that you will part of our journey and help us continue to offer a good experience in Italy becoming one of our clients. We have achieved the respect from all our Travel Vacation Clients and our Executive Business Clients and VIP Clients. Every one of our clients with Italy Limousine are part of this Family Business. We are thanks to you become one big family. You will meet the following Driver/guides in Naples concierge driver / guide Rino and his team Aldo and Salvatore and Lorenzo in Rome our team include the expert concierge driver/guide Gilberto driver Marco and Alex and Livio. Our Tuscany office meet Simone, Claudio, and Walter all expert drivers in Tuscany. Each one of the team have a CV profile, which we are pleased to forward if required.

Our office will supply and reference needed from our list of Travel agents that can guarantee that your choice in deciding with us at Italy Limousine is a professional Company, and the right choice. In addition, our Company is vat registered company number found on our website this is an important information and that you are dealing with an official legal binding Company.



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