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Travel with us in italy all that one needs to know about this company and its team. Italy Limousine is officially a registered Trade Mark company, that the owner registered the brand in 2002. This company is a true success story a family based operation that started from nothing in 1998 and today it is one of the very best Limousine & Tour and transfer services in Italy. The proof of this is in our long list of clients from individuals families and travel companies. From the opening of this company up until today and for the future, this has all been possible with your help which has allowed us to grow, Dedicated to offering a variety of travel services. Italy limousine reflects what good business practice is all about, and this stands for Gennaro who founded the company, He only had one car and had been working as a private tour driver for a couple of years with another large Executive Limousine transfer and tour company in Italy ,and one day he decided to start up his own small enterprise. A couple of years of hard work building an image of Honesty Integrity and professionalism, he has emerged creating a respected Company globally and a Team that goes with him all across Italy.

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I am Rino Romano and I live in Sorrento, Italy, a small quaint town on the sorrento and next to the Amalfi Coast area. Together With my family we established italy limousine in 1998 because we had a strong passion to show the history,culture that this country has to offer and that has been handed down from generation to generation to myself and to all my family. I want to tell you a little bit about myself with my own words so you understand more about who I am my family not just the name on a request or correspondence form but getting to know a little more who is Rino. My inspiration to start up my own business was due to my grandfather who really was a great person he had so much ambition, but was never able to totally accomplish what he wanted to do in life... but he did give my father a better start in life and my childhood was so colourful.

My grandfather Gennaro Romano I was named after him, would talk alot about the hardships he suffered, especially during the 2nd world war when he was recruited by the Italian Army he was a young father of 2 boys, and as so many young men from all over the world had decided to join the war, he could of avoided having two kids but he was a patriot. That time in his life and the memories lie profoundly in his soul.
Going through an old photo album grandpa’s photo’s of the period he spent as a soldier and the years after the war ended - the photos marked from being touched so many times - showed the great loss of hope and the poverty when he returned back home after 1945.  He decided, like so many Italians, it was time for a new beginning to try his fortune in America. In that period America was like a breath of fresh air as Naples was devasted by the bombs and there was alot of famine and there was was just a dark atmosphere still in Italy. By the end of the war there was just so much confusion no one was clear about anything this is what Nonno grandpa told me. He departed first and was to send for my father uncle and grandmother later, with only a few lira’s in his pockets. He took the ship from Naples dock to New York he always told me that now days to visit America you can go on a plane & you are there in 9 hours! The journey on the ship from the port ofNaples, it was a cargo/passenger liner with people from all over Europe, not just Italy, and this really scared him. He needed to see for himself that land which for him was synonymous of freedom and Hope. Nonno only stayed 6 months the reason he came back i dont know, but that brief stay in America gave him something back that he had lost during his 14 months of the war "Hope" Grandpa would always repeat that if I work hard and dedicate my efforts one can accomplish and succeed, I kept my promise. I visited New York in 1990 on my 18th birthday flew and landed in New York it all came back the only photo of grandpa in America which his cousin took of them both. And I now understand the strong bond that America has with my country, Italy. I decided then that I wanted to realize something where I could explain the history and culture of Italy to connect Italy with the Americans, Canadians and many other countries and cultures like Israel, England, Australia, Brazil, where a lot of my grandpa family and  friends imigrated to after the war had ended. So this has become a great adventure for me and opening Italy Limousine which has grown into a company with partners accross italy with offices in Rome and Florence.  With the help of everyone that I have met over the years we are now an established italian company. I and the whole team hope to continue this adventure and meet many more people from all over this very beautiful world  enjoy Italy with me and team

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