I and my family and staff stand strong with Italy as well as the rest of the world. We are all going through a very difficult and trying time, this is another battle that the world will win, but we need to follow our countires rules together as a planet we can defeat Covid19. A special thankyou to our Doctors Nurses and Red Cross and many non profit organization that are working non stop for us. Stay Home stay safe Forza Italia and the World. We are open to help you with all your questions and our advice on when best to travel again and all the tours transfers travel agent services. We at italylimousine will be fully active from July 2020 for everyone to travel again, advised by our medical experts for traveling safe and sercure worldwide. We want that Our team and our clients safety comes first, before anything else that's what this company represents intergrity and profesionalism. Italy is no longer in lockdown. We are now back to work hopefully better months ahead stay safe from all the team

italylimousine.com  Josephine 04TH JULY 2020

Book your vacation tours and transportation, Welcome, to Italy limousine the deluxe travel Experience in Italy. We are proud to introduce this company; where you can discover Italy with our Private Tours and Excursions. We are the official Italian limousine website and Company. The name and logo brand name Italy limousine officially certified and established by Gennaro Romano in 1998. Please read our story with great Courage and passion and determination Italy limousine is one of the first true limo and Tour companies in Italy. Dear Traveler our aim is that you get to know more about us through our website and most importantly that when arriving into Italy you can count on Italy Limousine as the right company to take care of your Travel services. As a company, we specialize in all Ground Transportation Covering the main airports and Train stations in Italy which include Rome, Naples, and Milano. Also covering the Ports of call in Naples Civitavecchia and Livorno offering a unique professional private transportation to and from Your Hotel or other accommodation. Looking for the right Private shore Excursion from your Cruise ship then our driver/guide team will meet all your expectations.  All our cruise tours start from the Port of Naples, Civitavecchia La Spezia, Livorno, and Salerno; also let us not leave out the smaller ports of Sorrento Amalfi and Positano.

In addition, we offer excellent personalized Local day tours from your Hotel taking a day to see the surrounding area with an expert driver that will offer his knowledge and expert guidance during the Day, this is what to expect from the team at Italy limousine. As a Company, we were also one of first to associate private limo tour service to Gastronomy and wine touring to the Tuscany Chianti Region then to the Amalfi coast area. Over the years through our experiences we have learnt more about what we can offer for who is arriving into Italy, and we now have a  variety of options all sold online through our website covering local Day tours and Transfer Services and our cruise Shore excursion tours.

After many years, we have earned the trust of many people worldwide who believe in our professionalism, and we hope that you will also take the opportunity to choose us while visiting Italy, Deciding to book with Italy limousine will be the right choice.

So come join us to continue our great success story for years to come without your help this would not be possible.

All the services that Italy limousine have online are all fully Taxed and all the driver/guide team hold all an authorized license and exam required by the Italian law authority to be a driver /chauffeur.

A special note We want to thank everyone that so far have chosen us to take care of their travel needs when in Italy, we greatly appreciate your trust placed in us and look forward to being part of many more adventures with our driver and tour team in the future. Experience Italy with us for 2020 start booking or connect with our experts to organize your Italy Travels. For direct assistance email us at

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