Daily Tours to Tuscany and Florence

Daily Tours to Tuscany and Florence with local professional Limo Driver getting a Private Driver only way to see Tuscany: Florence and Countryside , the Elegance of this land Tuscany is the beauty with its many beautiful panoramic views the countryside with the hills that are covered by the Vineyards the Olive groves the Chianti Region that is famous for its red Wine internationally (chianti classico) , the Medieval towns of Siena and San Gimignano  and Voltera and Montepulciano , Montalcino , Cortona and Arezzo  and the University towns of Pisa and Lucca are just a few which shoudl all be visited at least once in your life time. The Roman Influence and even earlier the Etruscan period can be found in Tuscany , then we have the many fortresses and Castles of the Medieval period which had a strong influence is the Towns of Siena andG San Gimignano ,you can admire the walls and the buildings that still stand today . But , What makes Tuscany so special which is believed to be its best period is the home birth of the Renaissance era with its astounding monuments and buildings like  the Uffizi gallery, Ponte Vecchio the bridge over the river Arno and superb shops.

Also Tuscany and especially Florence your will have the honour which is an Honour to admire the great works of the very best Artist Sculptures and Architects of all time , Like Giotto , Leonardo Da Vinci , Michelangelo , here are just a few examples of great art and sculptures from the  Florentine Pieta (also known as The Deposition, The Bandini Pietà, or The Lamentation over the Dead Christ), Michelangelo (1547 – 1553) and also the The Laurentian Library, Michelangel and Santa Maria Novella Church - also can enjoy the Madonna della Seggiola (or Madonna della sedia), by Raphael - ( who painted the Sisitine Chapel in the Vatican

Tuscany the very heart of the italian penisula with our tuscan drivers and a private car will make it so much more easier to travel through the tuscan countryside and towns. The great opportunity to explore so much more.

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