Tours by Local Guides with Italy limousine covering Naples Pompeii and Rome. When booking a local Guide with us we ensure that each Guide is qualified and officially authorized to conduct archeological tours and Local historical tours in the area that the client has chosen and requested this specific service Together with their private driver. A Local Guide will be Registered with the local Authority and is released an authorization badge. In addition, our Guide group members have Degrees in Art and History or Archeology. All have completed a guided tour program to ensure that they are ready to conduct specific tours. Our Guides operate in All the Archaeological sites of Naples , Pompeii, Herculaneum, Oplontis, Paestum . Capri Island and The Island of Ischia. Also operating signing the national museum of Naples , the capodimonte Museum. In Rome the guides cover all the city of Rome and the Vatican Museum and more.. In Tuscany we have specialized Art Historians that will guide you through the Accademia Museum and the Uffizi Gallery and Pitti Museum. Also we have specialized family friendly Local Guides that work with great passion with children and their families combining their expertise so that the adults can enjoy but also explained so the kids can also understand without getting Bored. Our prices respect the national price list which are applicated by our Guide partners that supply the guides officially contracted with Italy limousine. The Min hours required to be booked are 2 hours for each location.

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