Discover the Vatican City

Discover The Vatican City, is an independent sovereign state since the year 1929 (the pact of the Lateran), Vatican city is situated where the sqaure of St. Peter lies and also where St Peter was martyred and buried.

The very First Christians where concentrated during the reign of the  Emperor Constantine, who built the a basilica on the grounds in the 4th century AC which later on was destroyed and rebuilt which took over 120 years to re built (1506-1614).

The Vatican has Some of the The greatest works from the best architects of the period, which include Bramante, Michelangelo and Maderno, they all collaborated in the project of the new church, to the be the largest in the world a total of 22,000 square meters.

The Basilica of St. Peter’s is one of the most impressive architectural site contracted . The structure must be visited because Photographs do not do justice you have to actually go on site seeing with one's eyes the talent of the great artists and sculptures and Architects' building this Great structure, the many splendor behind the building of the City of the Vatican ( the Hand of God ).

The outside of the Vatican Created By Bernini , the square of St Peters can contain up to 300 thousand people ,and is an independant state from Italy and entering into the City of the Vatican you can Embrace the Colonnade designed By Bernini  The square is where the Pope meets his people and celebrates and blesses the many religious events.

Also we have the Vatican Museums centuries of Paper work art a large collection of Art from the greek and Roman period the Vatican owns the largest Roman art in the world , you will also find in the Museum the collection of Egyptian and Etruscan art and, of course, the greatest  masterpieces of the Renaissance period  the frescoes the Raphael Rooms and the Sistine Chapel.

This is a great opportunity who is coming to Rome to enjoy the culture and history of the Christian Faith but the great works that you will find in the Vatican and one cannot, not visit the Last Judgment by Michelangelo, with its almost 400 figures captured in the most dramatic moment in the history of humanity.

The true emotional and hard work that Michelangelo went through to capture the story of humanity seen through his eyes.

also in the The Sistine Chapel you will find the famous 15th century frescoes by Botticelli, Perugino and Ghirlandaio, among others.

Castel Sant'Angelo

This is the the fortress of the popes built during the  Middle Ages above the remains of the tomb of the Emperor Hadrian (2nd century AD). It tells the story of past and Present Don’t miss the Bridge of the Angels, with the statues by the Bernini school that in the past announced to pilgrims on their way to visit the tomb of St. Peter, that the goal of their journey was near.