Pompeii archaelogical site

Discover Pompeii, the archaeological site that was destroyed during the great volcanic explosion of Vesuvius in 79AD. With Italy limousine, we are offering a private car and driver for you to explore Pompeii.

Pompeii is located in the southern region of the Campania not too far from the city of Naples and also quite close to the Amalfi Coast. In Ancient times, Pompeii was close to the bay and above was the Volcano Vesuvius. Passing was the river Sarno, which still today's passes through Pompeii the Prehistoric Activity of the Volcano made the area very fertile and ideal for planting and growing.

Archaeological findings that you can discover with us. The city walls of Pompeii constructed with the archaeological findings of the oldest temples in the city, the temple of Apollo and the Doric temple. The ruins show the presence of impressive public buildings, large portions of the space enclosed by the walls.

Findings show commercial activities that were concentrated on the Italic peoples and populations of Greek and Etruscan region.In the fifth century the two capitals of the Campania were Cuma and Capua and conquered by the Samnites, an Italic population that came from the interior of the Apennines of Abruzzo and Molise, attracted by the fertile lands near the coast. This small town of Pompeii with all its invaders from the north they did not change the structure of the town it remained largely unchanged.

The last part of the city's history begins with the second century BC, when Rome fought a War against Carthage and consolidated his power over the city bells.

In the year 16AC. Naples was victim to a disastrous earthquake that also severely damaged Pompeii. The city was re-built under the order of the Emperor Nero. 

What can be discovered now in the 21st Century. Discovering The villa of "Poppea" its frescoes and adorned with numerous sculptures in marble, was built around the middle of the first century BC. The Villa of Poppea was uninhabited at the time of the eruption 79 in fact there were no furnishings in any of the rooms or tableware. Many of the objects found, such as columns and lanterns, were set aside in a few rooms. Building materials and work in progress show that the Villa were repairing the damage to one of the numerous earthquakes that frequently hit the Vesuvius area.

The rich imperial families of Roman nobility loved the Campania coast, and Pompeii, and you can see many traces left from the volcanic eruption of Vesuvius. This has allowed archaeologist to understand more about the Romans and every day life more than 1940 years ago

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