Herculaneum archaeological site

Discover our Shore excursions to Herculaneum archaeological site. Explore this ancient city southeast of of Naples on the western base of Mount Vesuvius which with Pompeii and Torre Annunziata was completely destroyed the Eruption of Vesuvius in 79Ad  , Herculaneum is a UNESCO heritage sites and this is due to the finding that started in the middle 18th Century discovered was the ancient city below that had been covered by the explosion but has left us an incredible Archaeological site where we can answer many questions of that Roman era and also how the Volcano destroyed the town. In particular unlike Pompeii Herculaneum is much better preserved due to the mass compact Tufaceous which made a layer of the cityExcavation took a while with great difficulty to remove the layers but underneath the conditions and the humidity has allowed the preservation of wooden frameworks of houses, wooden furniture, also there is the the hull of a sizable boat, many pieces of cloth, and food carbonized loaves of bread still in the ovens.Herculaneum itself has antique origins as the name comes from the Greek hero Hercules this lets us believe that the city was originally of Greek civilization , but we find more evidence also that Herculaneum was under the domination of the Samnites and then Became a Roman Municipium in the year 89BC

Herculaneum holds a Magnificent collection of paintings and a group of portrait statues were excavated from a building thought to be the ancient basilica of Herculaneum, and there are a large number of bronze and marble works discovered in the Villa of the Papyri. Over Monuments that where found include the sports ground and the swimming pool  and also the thermal baths and even today excavations continue

The public monuments uncovered include the palaestra (sports ground), with a large portico surrounding a vast central piscina (swimming pool), and thermae(baths), one of which adjoins the former beachfront. This bath is in a remarkable state of preservation, having remained largely protected against the pyroclastic flows of the eruption.

Excavation continues, since the demolition of part of Ercolano at the forum of the ancient city and at the ancient coastline.

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