Discover Catacombs

Discover Catacombs on the Appian Way allow us to look back at the origins of the first Christian presence in Rome you can explore The Catacombs that are in fact the underground cemeteries of the early Christians, which are all located outside the city walls of Rome which was the custom that one could not place to rest in a place habituated by people so to be buried outside the city walls ia an inhabited area.

The Catacombs are a selection of passate Was That where  dug out of the tufa, which is a soft volcanic rock that hardens when it comes into contact with oxygen contained in the air. The catacombs where The burial ground when a cristian died he/she  were wrapped up in a shroud and placed in a Loculi or Crypts which where cut out from the walls in the passage ways then the dead were closed with a marble stone.

One of the most ancient level is in fact the first to be accessed, immediately below the ground level, and others were excavated beneath it as they gradually became filled up.
Also some  Archaeologist identify the Catacombs as the hiding places of the early Christians during the period of great persecutions,  but the actual Catacombs where not used as a hiding place but exclusively as cemeteries due to the presence of the tombs of the saints and martyrs.

On the Slab stones there are  frescoes and inscriptions that also indicate how they died and as there moment of rest before the final awakening to the eternal life, The catacombs was the place of transition from earth death and eternal life.

Unlike  to the thought of pagan necropolis, which is also considered to be the permanent resting place of the dead.  

A list of the Catacombs is Rome Marcellinus and Peter , the Catacombs of Domitilia , Catacombs ofCommodilla , Catacombs of San Callisto , of San Lorenzo and San Sebastiano are just a few to see and visit  

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