Sicily island is the largest of the Islands in Italy, it is far south of the Italian peninsula under the boot ( as Italy is shaped like a boot ) geographically. To reach Sicily by sea is from the strait of Messina which is between the Ionian and Tyrrhenian and Mediterranean sea. It has some of the most wonderful seabed's and also is surrounded by mountains and hills that flourish with great vegetation fruits due to the excellent climate. Around the Island of Sicily also will find tiny islands like the Pelagie , Pantelleria and Ustica. There are two main Volcanoes One is on Mount Etna ( Etna ) the other is Stromboli. Sicily is made up of various provinces Palermo which is the (capital ) then we have Agrigento and Caltanissetta amd Enna and Messina.

The historical Influence are many and you will find that the population is multi cultural as this island has had many different civilization like the later period in time Spanish , German , And the Arabs.

Then the Greeks and Romans during the ancient era.  

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