Palermo has a strong influence from the, Arabic and Roman and as far back as the Phoenicians , Palermo was founded in the year 734 BC wheer it became part of the great Roman Republic and then went onto to become the Byzantine Empire for more than a thousand years. Palermo itself is a port Town and during a period it was also under the Arabian Rule from the period of 831 to 1072 and was called the Emirate of Sicily. And then in modern times it was united with the kingdom of Naples and formed the Two Sicily's  until the unification of Italy By Giuseppe Garibaldi. Palermo you can enjoy its rich history culture and has excellent southern Mediterranean weather the patron saint of Palermo is Saint Rosalia which is celebrated on the 15th July and by the people of Palermo its a very important day.

Attractions and Places to Visit the churches from San Giovanni Dei Lebbrosi ,  and the Cathedral of Palermo located in Corso Vittoria Emmanuel , the Gothic Church of San Giovanni , visiting the many churches you can enjoy the many influences are art and architecture  which includes also Norman Architecture and The Sicilian Baroque and Palaces , the Palace of Norman a most beautiful palace of Normanarchitecture which was built over an Arab Fortress , The Zisa built in 1160 which was a hunting ground for the kings of Palermo . The Archaeology Museum Antonio Salinas which is hosts many remains of the Etruscan Carthaginian and Hellenistic period and the Roman Era. Modern Era you can visit the Teatro Massimo (great Theatre ) which in 1897 had its first opening and is the largest in Italy ( and one of three largest in Europe)

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