Only The best with Italy Limousine the team will give you the Security and Safety that you are searching for when booking a limousine service for your travels in Italy. Official company Brand Italy Limousine®  As a Company, we have and continue to receive reviews and comments from many people that have enjoyed our Tours in Italy and Transfers from all the main Italian Airports and stations and our VIP business and corporate travel services. In addition, we greatly thank the referral from many major respected travel books like Fodor’s Amalfi Coast, Frommers, Dummies of Italy of Alexander DeRosa /Bryan Murphy and travel sites like Trip Advisor, Cruise Critic and Samantha Brown Discovery Travel. But our best publicity is our honesty and professionalism and respect for What We sell because it is a competitive business and There Are many realities out There and which Can be very having All clearly written on a website can make life so much more simple. That is why we have a transparent website with all the Prices clearly stated. In addition, when one books with us at Italy limousine all is clear to the light of day.  This is why we are proud to present our five reason why one should book and trust Italy limousine travel services.

  1. 1. Professionalism
    Italy Limousine  As a Company guarantee you always professionalism and Care from both our office team and from our driver / guide team. And our local archaeolgical guide partners. 
  2. 2. New vehicles
    Italy Limousine guarantee you always the latest Models in vehicles (max 4 years) and are all  licensed under the strict Italian laws this is also Applied to all our Driver team who are all insured under the Italian Security Programme this is an important factor to ensure the intergrity of companies like ours. This  Also applies to everyone when travelling with us that we have full insurance (all documents can be obtained from us at any moment). They are also always carried on site in the car which you can ask to see at any time.
  3. 3. English speaking driver/ guide. And local walking guide team 
    Italy Limousine promises when you decide to choose us that the driver/ guide be English speaking ( other language we  can accommodate as well). And will be Punctual and Well Groomed and Educated. Our driver / guide team offer a narrated informative about local interest and information about The area. Also We have an excellent local archaeological guide team To offer walking Tours. 
  4. 4. Immediate response to all your questions
     Italy Limousine Offices are open 24hrs a day both phone line  and our online request form,  you will always have an immediate response to all your questions. Prices Are clearly advertised for transparency no messing The client around having All written and online shows our honesty and respect towards our client That books With us. Respecting the laws of online Booking That is why each tour is booked From The Pannel and a deposit is Taken and a Voucher is Sent With The Rest of The amount To be paid on The day of The tour. 
  5. 5. Competitive rates
    Italy Limousine  Guarantee Honesty and Competitive rates no hidden fees as prices and desription are all indicated for each service what is included and what is not included as advertised on the website  ( so all is clearly stated ) and is always respected. We Also accept all forms of Payment dont Worry not Just cash Visa , MasterCard Or Paypal Or bankwire and stripe for American express

Ask Yourself this questions when researching online with so many options it can get so confusing so its important to know who you are dealing with with the many different prices from under priced cheap prices probally no insurance or taxes paid this is a concern  (or over priced) when over priced this is because they are a third or fourth party operator. why not an honest price range clearly advertised online this is so that there are no hidden charges. We want that you know who you are dealing with our Company profile says that we are the number 1 company because we guarentee all the above that you are going to be safe and secure with us and your family and children and friends Its important to know that this company is also an officially Registered Brand.

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