Cruise Excursion

The Jewish Ghetto and Rome city Tour

Cruise Excursion - The Jewish Ghetto and Rome city Tour
  • Code Tour62 
  • Tour Length 9 hours 
  • Tour type Jewish and Rome day tour tour from the port of Civitavecchia 
  • People target Everyone can enjoy a day trip through the story of Faith and History of the jewish people and Rome city Highlights 
  • Highlights Jewish Ghetto Jewish Museum Sinagoga Rome city Highlights Catacombs of Vigna Randanni, Catacombs (on request) 
  • Included Private English speaking qualified Driver taxes and Tolls full Insurance 
  • Not included Gratuity Entrance tickets 
  • Services Luxury car/limovan Mercedes quality control A/C 
  • Notes NB catacombs must be pre booked contact the office 
Discover the eternal City of Rome

Discover the eternal City of Rome

Discover the city of Rome and all about the Roman Empire you can admire and Visit the many sites related to the Great Roman Empire and its influence its great Architecture still standing todayThe Roman Forum& about the Roman Empire you can admire and Visit the many sites related to the Great Roman Empire and its influence its great Architecture still standing todayThe Roman Forum this is one of the most important...

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Discover Appian Way

Discover Appian Way

Discover Appian Way Take a walk along the original walls of Ancient Rome the slab stones That are the conclusions of the city Of Rome. Appian Way is the Example of the great Geniality of the Romans and their constructions dating from the 4th Century Bc . The Road System  allowed the efficiency of the troops reaching each location rapidly and also made the commerce easy from location to location . The Romans in Building the roads...

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Roman CataCombs

Roman CataCombs

The Roman Catacombs they are underground Burial sites there are about 40 in Rome , which have been even in the last 20 years discovered other burial sites underground. Most of the Roman Catacombs are Christian there are also early Jewish Catacombs as well. The Christian Catacombs are very important for the early history of Christina Art and Culture , you can find many pieces of art work from the Fresco to the Sculptures that date back as far as...

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The Jewish Ghetto and Rome day trip Meet your private driver at the port of Civitavecchia at 0800am he will be holding a name sign with your name on upon arriving into Rome you will also be met by your Jewish guide from the jewish community you will discover with us the Roman Jewish story which has Centuries of History. Visiting the Ghetto of Rome which was established in the year 1555 which was controlled by the pope until the capture of Rome. The Ghetto was built to confine  the people and a Wall was built around the Ghetto to keep everyone inside. The Travel team would say to keep the Jewish people walled in. They were also subject to many restrictions professional work and also economical. The Ghetto was also the term used for the horrendous events during the 2nd world war where they Jews were all placed in the Ghetto's which were the orders sent by the German Nazi party. But, unlike the horrendous living condition of the  Ghetto during the occupation of the Nazi regime the ghetto of the 1500 hundreds was slightly different as life passed by considerably normal.

Rome is now the center of the Christian faith but in the past times Rome had a strong Jewish influence and Rome was also in ancient times a place where the Jews took refuge from the Syrian so many settled in Rome, and you will see many monuments and sites that are related to the Jewish faith , The Jews of Rome have until  today preserved their own language a Dialect called Giudeo/Romanesco with Your private driver he/she will take you to the Ghetto firstly then after onto the two Synagogues of Rome. The Jewish guide must be pre booked being a member of the respected Jewish community will show you around for an extensive 4 hour guided tour including the Jewish Museum and a visit to the Jewish bakery and you will find many Jewish restaurant to stop for lunch.

Also on special request one must pre book they are open to the public but only by appointment and we have to call the Jewish Catacombs office to visit the Catacombs of Vigna Randanni,the other Jewish Catacombs that are only exclusive to pre booking Vigna Cimarra ( open on a special request only ) or the Catacombs of Villa Tolonia.Also With your driver in Rome you will be visiting the Great Synagogue of Rome  and the Jewish Museum where we can Pre book a guided tour of Tempio askenazita. Today the Synagogue can be visited from Thursday to Sunday Excluding the Jewish Sabbath there are 12 Synagogues and 1500 thousand Jews in Rome City today the Jewish community play an active role from the Past and present in the Roman story. The Jews of Roma are Mainly Sephardic or Ashkenazi tradition but nearly all the Synagogues in Italy are of Sephardic tradition

The list of the Jewish collection 

Jewish Catacombs of the “Vigna Randanini"
Via Appia Pignatelli, n. 4 (Appia - Rome)
Below private entrance only booked only by appointment

Jewish Catacomb of the “Vigna Cimarra"

Via di San Sebastiano, n. 28 (Appia - Rome)
Below private property. Click here for a site visit in 2001.

Jewish Catacombs of the Villa Torlonia
Via Nomentana, n. 70 closed until further notice

Catacombs of Monteverde

Area closed in by the Circonvallazione Gianicolense - via Francesco Massi - via Vincenzo Monti (Portuense - Rome)

Jewish Catacombs on the Via Labicana

Via Casilina, opposite “La Certosa” (Casilina - Rome)

Destroyed or inaccessible.