Roman CataCombs

The Roman Catacombs they are underground Burial sites there are about 40 in Rome , which have been even in the last 20 years discovered other burial sites underground. Most of the Roman Catacombs are Christian there are also early Jewish Catacombs as well.

The Christian Catacombs are very important for the early history of Christina Art and Culture , you can find many pieces of art work from the Fresco to the Sculptures that date back as far as 400AD . Also the Jewish Catacombs as area also very important for the history and culture of the Hebrew faith and people.

Some of the Important Catacombs in Rome to be visited  San Sebastiano ,, San Callixtus , Domitilia area just a few and also the Jewish Catacombs.

In history not just the Christian Catacombs where buried below ground but also the Etruscan , In tradition the Romans where custom to Burn their Dead then the Ashes were placed in a Pot or Urn , later on though we find that more and more people would be buried in the underground chambers rather than being cremated.

The Catacombs are part of our past whether Christian or Jewish the actual sites offer us a wealth of Knowledge and having the opportunity to grow in knowledge is a must.

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