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Royal Palace of caserta and Capua Day Tour

Cruise Excursion - Royal Palace of caserta and Capua Day Tour In offer -10%
  • Code tour Code 121 
  • Tour Length 9 hours 
  • Tour type private archaelogical and historical day trip from the cruise terminal of Naples , Salerno 
  • People target Ideal for a couple but also adaptable for families with children.
 Every itinerary can be modified to fit any special need or request 
  • Highlights Royal Castle of Caserta Amphitheatre Campano di Capua Spartacus Gladiator musuem Royal Gardens and Fountains Etruscan tombs 
  • Included private car and driver English speaking Taxes and tolls full cover insurance drivers all fully licensed 
  • Not included gratuity entrance tickets Local walking Guide 
  • Services Mercedes car/Limovan equipped with double air-conditioning. full insurance qualified Professional staff 


Caserta city southern part of Italy , Just North of Naples , the old town was founded by the Lombards in the 8th Century and is now a busy modern City.Caserta is internationally known for the UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE site " La Reggia Di Caserta"Home to the Magnificent Royal Palace and its Gardens and Fountains which started its construction in 1752 and was ordered by Charles the 7th Of Naples ( Charles of Bourbon)  who hired the talents of the...

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Discover Capua

Discover Capua

discover Capua discovering the town of Capua famous for its roman history as this was the location where the school of gladiators trained , and also at the Amphitheatre would also be where they would compete the theatre was built , constructed during the Augustus period. Capua dates back as far as the Etruscan settlements as there are ancient tombs found outside capua with frescoes on the walls , also found artifacts of bronze , and also there...

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Royal Palace of caserta and Spartacus tour of Capua for all lovers of art history from the great Roman period to the beautiful artistic spendours of the 18th century onwards here the love of beautiful art and maybe over the top architecture was eloborated at its very best seen at the Royal Palace and Capua that was in ancient roman times the home to the school of Gladiators and visit the Amphitheatre Campano. From the port of Naples also Salerno port meeting at 0800am First visit is the will be to the Royal Palace of Caserta and you will taken back by its magnitude and grandeur the period in time that the kings would over build show their greatness and use the best Architects of that time. The Royal Palace was devolped under the rule of King Charles Of Bourbon in 1750 to symbolize his reign of Naples and he hired the famous architect Carlo Vanvitellis that did not manage to complete all the opera but his school of Vanvitellis Architecture completed the construction. The Royal Palace itself has many rooms and a large picture gallery of Decorative Arts .Also is home to some of the most beautiful landscaped gardens Fountains and Natural Oasis. Next stop is the The city of Capua spartacus tour visiting the city of Capua now known as Santa Maria capua vettere. This town is home to the second largest Amphitheatre after the Coloseum. The Amphitheatre campano was home to the school of gladiators built during the Augustus period . Also was home to the revolt of the slave Spartacus in 73BC with the other gladiator slaves Gauls Crixus, Oenomaus and Ginnus where the leaders of the third Seville war against the Roman Empire which lasted 2 years. We have history surrounding the uprising and accounts regarding Spartacus who was an expert Thracian gladiator and also an expert warrior and leader but more about him is left to the legendary accounts. 

Meet your private driver at the port of Naples or the cruise terminal in Salerno for this full day tour of two great important historical locations found north of Naples with your private limo driver  meet at 0800am rtn by 1700.