Discover Capua

discover Capua discovering the town of Capua famous for its roman history as this was the location where the school of gladiators trained , and also at the Amphitheatre would also be where they would compete the theatre was built , constructed during the Augustus period.

Capua dates back as far as the Etruscan settlements as there are ancient tombs found outside capua with frescoes on the walls , also found artifacts of bronze , and also there where found terra cotta tables with ancient Etruscan text . In fact capua comes from the ancient word capera ( Etruscan) which translated is ( city of marshes) .

now days capua has been placed back on the archaeological list of places to visit due to the many stories surrounding the slave and gladiator Spartacus , who was a legendary gladiator of the arena , but also was the leader of the revolt of 73BC where with his fellow slaves ( gladiators ) for two years revolted against the Roman Empire

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