Cruise Excursion

Livorno port to San Gimignano and Siena Private Tour

Cruise Excursion - Livorno port to San Gimignano and Siena Private Tour
  • Code Tour43 
  • Tour Length 9 hours 
  • Tour type Private Shore Excursion Tours 
  • Highlights San Gimignano - Siena 
  • Included Limovan equipped with double air-conditioning and refreshments, qualified english speaking driver 
  • Not included Private guide, entry fees, optional gratuities. 
  • Services Ideal for a couple but also adaptable for families with children. Every itinerary can be modified to fit any special need or request. 


SIENA is a UNESCO world Heritage site Siena is potentially influenced from the past period of the Medieval era. Siena had a strong Rivalry with florence and even with Florence strong influence Siena over the centuries has maintained its Gothic appearenace which was developed over the 12th to the 15th Centuries. During this time Duccio and also the Lorenzetti Brothers where strong influences the new Italian art and also European Art. The actual...

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Discover San Gimignano Day Tour with Local professional Limo Driver

Discover San Gimignano Day Tour with Local professional Limo Driver

Get a Day Tour to San Gimignano with local professional Limousine Driver: In the heart of the Tuscany Countryside The foundations of San Gimignano are considered to date back as far as the year  63Bc legend says that there where two brothers Muzia and Silvio that had escaped from Rome and had take refuge in Valdelsa where they built tow castles One castle was called Muccio the other was called Castle of Silvia which would be where...

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Shore excursion to San Gimignano and Siena Private tour meet your limo driver at the port 0800am from there you will be driven through the Tuscany country side and the hills surrounded by the vineyards and olive fields two of the most suggestive towns of San Gimignano and Siena a tour with you private chauffeur stopping at each location.

Your private shore excursion driver will be always from Tuscany so it will be a narrated day , general knowledge and local customs, with your Italy limousine private driver on your way to the medieval village of San Gimignano, Arrival into San Gimignano, you will be met by a small walled in medieval hill-top town, and you will find a lot of 11th century  medieval architecture and its towers constructed during the medieval period. This particular area (region) of Tuscany was home for its wealth & the rich families this is why the Town of San Gimignano is built as a fortress with its  high towers, that served to protect and show their power of constructing such important towers that would watch over the town.  San Gimignano you will see the Chiesa di  Sant'Agostino (Church of St. Augustine) in  Piazza del Duomo right in the center of the town . Ask your limo driver to stop you at a wine bar to Enjoy a taste of the local white Vernaccia.

Next Stop after lunch there are many options for lunch again your private driver will suggest a  local canteens or for a glass of wine & some local cheese for an appetizer.

After lunch with your private limo driver you will stop in the town of Siena, approx 40 minutes drive through the country side  from the town San Gimignano. Arriving at the entrance Of Siena you will be met by the walls of the town the many arch ways and onto  Piazza del Campo, the cathedral and Santa Chiara