San Gimignano

Get a Day Tour to San Gimignano In the heart of the Tuscany Countryside The foundations of San Gimignano are considered to date back as far as the year  63Bc legend says that there where two brothers Muzia and Silvio that had escaped from Rome and had take refuge in Valdelsa where they built tow castles

One castle was called Muccio the other was called Castle of Silvia which would be where San Gimignano is today. But officially where we have documentation the first documents that mention San Gimignano date 920 Century , And the Name San Gimignano is considered to have come from the Bishop of Modena.

Geographically San Gimignano is positioned on a Hill 334 above sea Level, very fertile surroundings and will find olive groves and vineyards along the route arriving to San Gimignano , But the main attractions that San Gimignano is well known for is its 72 Towers that that where built in the 14th Century , why where they built to show the wealth and power of the families that lived there the higher the tower the wealthier the family. Today of the 72 Towers only 13 are left.

 Also The town was a an important stopping point for pilgrims from the North that travelled to Rome on the Road called  Via Francigena. The town also has several important masterpieces of the period from the 14th- and 15th-century.  San Gimignano is also a Unesco world-heritage site  patrimony of the Humanity.

Attractions that are found in San Gimignano are the Duomo the year 1148 and valuable Sienese frescoes (Bartolo di Fredi, Barna da Siena, Taddeo di Bartolo), The Old Palazzo del Podesta, Palazzo della Propositura, La Piazza della Cisterna, Santa Fina’s House, La Rocca di Montestaffoli, Piazza Sant’Agostino, The Archeological Museum, The Vernaccia Wine Museum, A Walk around the Walls, The Medievali Fountains

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