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Italy Limousine has an online booking System where you can go directly through the website  buying your tours online and all your transfers from the Airport/ Train Stations/Ports and Hotels in Italy. Booking is made easy and fast directly from the website or you can also book directly with our office staff via Email if you need to clarify anything with our expert travel team.For customized tours and Transfers requests or special requirements for Vip Events or other that you can not find on the website you can contact directly Rino on 

contact us now you can talk directly with one of our Tour and Transfer Experts for Naples,Rome and Tuscany and the city of Milan and many other important areas of Italy. The office is open 24hours a day always ready to answer all your questions.

Main Contact Josephine italy tours expert on the Amalfi Coast and Naples/Rome /Tuscany Florence Region contact office land line +39 0818080457 

cell +39 3356732245 also you can whatsapp at any time

For transfers can contact Rino on + 39 3389681866 or +39 3929900198 whatsapp


+39 081.8080457
+39 335.6732245