Monteriggioni is located in Via Francigena which is the old road that's linked Rome to the rest of Europe , this territory is rich in Nature Art History and customs. for over a thousand years as far back as the 11 the Century , travellers would cross the area this is why you find so many churches and castles and the medieval villages that where build on the longobard areas.

In the area you will find the village of Abbadia Isola and Colle Ciupi which are rural Villages of the ancient Tuscany countryside. this area has some of the most ancient roads and also the modern time like Via Francigena which from 1000AD was the road for travelers that came from the north and along the Via cassia Florence /Siena )

The area is also wine growing region from Etruscan times and you will find many Cypress trees which the Romans bought to the area , but the main from the Renaissance period that we have the cultivation of the Olive tree on such a large scale.

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