Discover Volterra is an anciente town arriving via the Etruscan coastline of tuscany.Volterra dates back as far as the 7th Century Bc and has Etruscan and Roman settelements and also the medieval period. Also an important settelement called the Villanovan culture that was there during the Bronze age. The town of Volterra was called Velathri by the Etruscans and Volaterrae by the Romans. Volterra is also one of the twelve towns of the Etruscan Legion.Visiting and Exploring the Town of Volterra you will have the opportunity to encounter many different indications of all three cultures and atrractions in the town that include the Roman Theatre and the Etruscan tombs are just a few of the highlights. List of highlights include the Piazza Dei Priori the palazzo Dei Priori the City walls built during the etruscan era , The fortress Medicean built in 1470. Also Porto Arco built between the 3rd and 2nd Century BC and the gates of Diana.

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