Tivoli Villa D'Este

Tivoli is home to two of the important sites one is the Villa Adriano and the other is Villa D'este and Adriano is situated below Tivoli and shows the true Rule of Power and intelligence of the Romanarchitecture. The Villa was Built for the Emperor Hadrian its was constructed under his guidance and it has an impressive design, believed to be thought of by The Emperor Hadrians journeys and travels and places he visited .

The Design of the Villa has definitely a Nero Domus Aurea , Hadrian wanted to replicate the Palace through his Knowledge and visits to the many place along his travels.  

The Imperial Palace 

The Magnitude of the Imperial Palace with its Enormous Colons in the courtyard. The collection of the buildings covers almost 50 thousand square meters. Is another attraction found in tivoli

Villa D'Este was designed by the Architect Pirro Liqorio and was built in 1550

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