Discover Ravello town

Discovering the town of Ravello with our private car service driver guided day tours. Explore with Italy limousine this area driving along the Amalfi Coast you will take the road which goes up to the Dragons Valley arrive at a hill top and you will find The town of Ravello located on Mount LattariRavello is a haven for many Artists and writers and Musicians it is no wonder that in the past we find how the beauty and enchanting atmosphere Influenced many to engage in their artistic work while in Ravello. Personlities of the past like D. H. Lawrence and Wagner. In fact Wagner partly composed his opera "Parsifal" here, and today the author Gore Vidal lives and feeds of the inspiration from this charming town of Ravello. 

Other Notably important personalities of the past like Gracie fields , Hemmingway and Onassis lets not forget Jackie Kennedy would have long summer nights of good conversations. Ravello is a hidden Haven of quaintness and elegance it is situated away from the busy port towns and the large tourist attractions on the Amalfi Coast . Being Also and is 800mt above sea level where on a Warm summer night you can enjoy the view from above. Also you can admire some of the most beautiful Gardens that have a view that cut across the mountains to the coast below ravello .

You can enjoy the 13th Century Convent of St Augustine, which is now Villa Rufolo , that during the spring and summer months hosts the Ravello festival with great talents from the classical sphere and Ballet in the world.

Villa Cimbrone that was built by Lord Grimthorpe , he built Villa Combrone with his Valet Nicola Mansi who was from Ravello , they developed the ancient Villa into one of the most beautiful villa of the Mediterranean.For Us At Italy limousine we All find Ravello To be the hot spot of the Amalfi coast its charm and Elegance you Will not find in the other towns .