Discover Paestum Town "archaeological area"

Discover and Visit Paestum an ancient archaeological site its ancient origins go back to the Greek civilization that resided in this region of the Campania. Paestum is situated south of the peninsula and dates to the 4th Century BC which was an important Greek settlements You will find the many Doric Temples and the Basilica the Temple that was dedicated to the goddess Hera. You can admire the Temple of Neptune or otherwise known also as Poseidon and we now know it was dedicated to the Goddess of Maternity and Fertility (Hera Agriva) which due to the findings of the many statues and vases found in the building archaeologist have come to this conclusion.

At the Paestum ruins we will also find many roman Buildings like the patrician House with its pool Forums and italic temples which is believed to have been built after 273BC and most probably dedicated to Jupiter and Minerva. The Archaeological Museum of Paestum you will find holds some of the most precious items found in this area the Hereon in the plain of Sele together with the tomb paintings, including the  Tomb of the Diver. Paestum is also Famous for its Buffalo Cheese so apart from the great Archaeological Value and it is internationally famous for the buffalo Farms.

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