Orvieto is situated on the cliffs of the Umbrian countryside  where the two rivers Palia and Chiani meet with the river Tiber. Orvieto  first civilization is as far back as the 7th Century BC and as far back as the Bronze Age and Iron ages . The Etruscan lived in Orivieto which was called Velzna ( in Etruscan Times) and has a strong Etruscan past and the excavations that have been done have found many remains of the time. But in 264 B.C. the town was occupied and destroyed by the Romans  and the people that survived where sent to Volsinii Niera,  which today is the town of Bolsena. Orvieto was under Roman ruler ship until the end of the Roman Empire in the 13th Century Orvieto built the cathedral of Orvieto in 1263 with it Gothic face and the richness of the decorations and the immense beauty of the internal chapel .Also you will find the  Well of Saint Patrick that was built in the 1500s architected by Antonio di Sangallo, the Younger. Even though situated geographically in the province of Lazio Bolsena is also close to Orvieto and if Visiting the town of Orvieto Bolsena also is to visited Bolsena is a perfectly maintained medieval town dominated by the rocca or better understood as the fortress  built by the Orvietani in the 12th century. The fortress now is where Bolsena’s is and the Territorial Museum . Civita di Bagnoregio, is small location that genuinely seems as if time has stopped but due to the many erosions of the land it is slowing disappearing inside the walls of the town there are still many medieval houses.

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