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A Look at Naples through our private driver/guided local day tours and shore excursions with Italy limousine. Discovering the City of Naples with our unique tailor made private tours, visiting the city of Naples by car Exploring the many aspect and highlights that Naples has to offer. La"Citta Diu Napoli" Goes way back in time it is not possible to determine the date of the first settlement however even before the founding of the city around the coast we have found remains from civilizations like the Greek people that came from Euboea and Chalkidiki and founded the city of Cuma. And the First evidence of the city of Naples was established, which took the name Partenope, which is traditionally associated with the meaning of siren waters of the Gulf. Although The site was destroyed around 470 BC and later was re-built into the new city, which would be called Neapolis this was to distinguish it from the old city that was destroyed. Neapolis was built according to what subsequently was defined as the Hippodamian system, because it was created by the Greeks who lived in the fifth century. B.C. Hippodamus.Which consists of a network of three large parallel streets that where called later in Latin decumani and today in modern-day Naples, the Decumani are a very important part of the cities structure. In the year 340 BC, the Romans began their conquest of the Campania region and in 328 BC War broke out between Naples and Rome.And Not long after the Romans entered the city it was conquered. However, the Romans, even if Naples was defeated, they were allowed them to continue with certain privileges.The Romans allowed the people of Naples to use of the Greek language and preserve ancient judiciary law. The city, though, became a Roman town and it was at this time that the Roman aristocracy entered the gulf of Naples. From that point on, some of the most amazing buildings and most beautiful homes were constructed for them both in Neapolis and in the area of Campi Flegrei. Inh Later the years the city was conquered by the Goths and then again by the Byzantines. During this era monasteries where constructed in the city Christian religion arrived. In 581 and in 592 it was the turn of the Lombard’s who took over Naples the city rebelled against the emperor, giving itself an autonomous government. The Byzantium soon restored order Finally, in 661 the emperor appointed Basil Duke and was the beginning of a certain autonomy of the city. And Naples grew in importance. In 773, Duke Stephen II, accepting the  the authority of the Pope, at the expense of that of the Emperor, was appointed bishop. Since that time, while remaining formally subject to the emperor, the duchy became independent. Also During this period in time, we must mention the defeat of the Saracens by the Neapolitan fleet led by Cesario, son of the Duke Sergio in the year 840 also in 849, winning at the battle of Ostia. Then we have during the Norman period around 1077 after already having conquered the City of Salerno, turboulous and periods on conflict with the Normans  Naples history spams Decades and Decades from the Greeks to the Romans to the Normas the The Kingdom of Sicily, France, and more. A list from the Reign of Charles Ii who reigned from 1285 to 1309 And with great historical influence and the changing face of Naples cam in the 1700's with Charles of Bourbon, son of Philip V of Spain, and Elisabeth of Farnese decided to conquer the southern part of Italy and in 1734 with the construction of the Palace of Capodimonte and that of Caserta, the Teatro San Carlo and the Hotel of the Poor, and the famous Porcelain Factory of Capodimonte.

Many will remember the kingdom of Naples during the Bonaparte era and  in 1808, his brother-in-law Joachim Murat. Naples came to be under the the Kingdom of the Two Sicily's. The change for all of Italy and Naples came on September 7, 1860, when Garibaldi entered into Naples. Proclaimed on May 21 and 22, 1860, the union of Naples and Sicily.

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