Discover Messina it is a City in Sicily which is opposite the mainland Of Italy ( in Italia la stretta di Messina ) translated the strain of Messina. Its a very busy Seaport connecting people with the mainland and also a commercial mercantile ports.And also one of the main ports of call for Cruise ships to dock in.  Messina was founded in the late 8th Century BC by the Greeks that colonized part of Sicily. Messina Itslef was in volved in a few wars during the ancient times especially against the Syracuse and the Carthage and by the year 282 was conquered by the Mercenaries ( named Mamertines ) and they asked for help from the Romans so Messina became an alley of Rome.

The city was also Conquered by the Arabs in the 9th Century the later part , and was freed from Arab rule by the Normans so Messina has a long hisorty of culture civilization making this a place of history later on the  Modern Times there is the ruler ship of the Bourbon during the 16th Century and the unification with Giuseppe Garibaldi later in the 18 hundreds.

Also Messina has suffered many earthquakes' in the past being a seismic area of Italy and not far from Mount Etna that is home to the volcano Etna.

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