Lucca when arriving into Lucca you will be greeted by a thick massive 16th Century Wall which protects the town of Lucca.Lucca itself has some of the best Medieval Architecture and also the renaissance period some of the best Art and furniture of that period . Lucca is not notable known like Pisa or Florence but has so much to offer its is a true Tuscan town, Lucca has some Churches that are worth seeing like San Michele in Foro and San Frediano and also the Cathedral of San Martino and palace Guingi. the Roman piazza  Anfitheatre  ( the piazza is built where under lies the ruins of a Roman Anfiteatro ). Lucca is situated 19mts above sea level near the Tyrrhenian coast this was important in Roma times for the accessibility . in later years Lucca was to became the Capital of the Lombard Duchy  8th Century ).

Highlights and Monuments found in Lucca Duomo dating from 11 to 13th Century . the house Of Guingi, the sculptures of Jacopo della Quercia.

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