coliseum which Stands and dominates the skyline of Rome city and is one of the the symbols of the Eternal City throughout the world. This Flavian Amphitheatre was the largest structure for entertainment where the gladiators and wild animals Would be used to entertain the Romans it was built for this For this purpose by the Romans. It took over 8 years to build from (72-80 AD) by the Flavian dynasty on the place previously occupied by the artificial lake of Nero’s Golden House. It occupied over 100.000 square meters of travertine and 300 tons of iron. In addition, the Coliseum was inaugurated with 100 days of games in Honor of the immensity and grandeur of this structure. The Coliseum could hold over 60.000 spectators and they entered through the 80 numbered arches at street level and, after spending the entire day there, could leave in under 20 minutes. The programme offered hunts with wild animals in the morning, executions of condemned criminals at midday and gladiator combat in the afternoon and in warm weather the audience was protected from the sun by 240 sails maneuvered by sailors of the imperial fleet. There is also the underground of the coliseum which is now open to the public where Roman civilization in the greatness its architecture, and also the other side it’s darker side its oblivious cruelty and shows of barbaric torture. In later years the coliseum would be used as a fortress during the middle ages now it stands as a monuments of the past for everyone to visit

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