Cinque Terre the Five islands

Cinque Terre A UNESCO heritage site since 1987 has gone through many changes and hardship not a rich area for many years but due to its now established tourism it has become a top attraction in Italy.Being situated in the Liguria region it is also located well for cruise passengers arriving from the port of Livorno and the port of La spezia so one can visit the site. Cinque Terre is made up of five villages that date from the medieval period in history we have MonteRosso which is the oldest of the villages, then we have RioMaggiore and Corniglia and Manarolo and Vernazza. Around the area you will still find some remains from the medieval period churches and castles, but what is appealing to people is that Cinque terre is just really beautiful a natural habitat for wild life and green plantation everywhere for all travelers who arrive in Italy to enjoy.