Discover Cerveteri

Discover Cerveteri The origins of Cerveteri are very old believed that the birth of the city dates back to the middle of the ninth century BC The Etruscan center, called Kaisra, arose following the development of the settlements Villanovan, thanks to the constant contact with Greek culture and flourishing trade undertaken with the Phoenicians. The period of maximum development for Cerveteri comes with the commodity economy. Around the fifth century BC, however, Cerveteri begins to suffer from a severe crisis due to prior conflicts with Greece and then to the involvement in the battle between Rome and Tarquinia.

During the Middle Ages Cerveteri knows a rather troubled as it was subject to an oppressive regime and the city's economy much resented. A revival of the city will come in 1500, when it becomes part of the principality of Cerveteri Ruspoli family, which in 1674 will buy Castello Orsini, today Castello Ruspoli

WHAT TO SEE IN CERVETERI Necropolis of Banditaccia It covers about 10 hectares and consists of almost 400 burials that refer to a chronological period between the eighth and the second century BC Walking through the ancient streets of the necropolis will have the chance to admire burials, housing, highways and byways, tombs and places of social life. The symbol of the necropolis is represented by the Tomb of the Reliefs, large underground noble with a beautiful decoration of the burial chamber. We also suggest that you visit the mounds outside the fence of Banditaccia, finely decorated. Among other graves will also want to visit the Tomb of the Shields and Chairs, the Tombs of the City and the Tomb of the Five Chairs. Phone: 069940001 Timetable: The ticket of the Necropolis of Banditaccia is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 8:30 am until one hour before sunset. Tickets: Up to 18 years and over 65 the visit is free. From 18 to 24 years: 3,00 Euro. From 25 to 65 years: 6,00 Euro. Cumulative Ticket Necropolis + Museum: 8,00 Euro. For more information visit the page dedicated to the Necropolis of Banditaccia on Wikipedia. The Sorbo, Ripa and Monte Sant'Angelo Abatone It is difficult to visit cemeteries because of the conservation status of the burials and the growth of vegetation. The area of Sant'Angelo is characterized by the presence of underground open along the vertical rock walls with façades in fake architecture. On the plateau of Mount Abatone we suggest you visit the Tomb and the Tomb Campana Torlonia.

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