The Island of Capri is considered one of the most important modern day tourist attractions , and during the year there are many people that visit the island from Naples or Sorrento port. Capri from the Homer's works: Odysseus (known in Latin as Ulysses) sailed past the island, and he escaped the fate of the voices of the Sirens. Capri is also mentioned in the Mythology stories its also has a charm with its natural beauty a small island with two parts Capri and Ana Capri. Ana Capri is Built on the staggering cliffs of the Island is  more rural from the main part of Capri which is now modern with the most important shops and boutiques. Also we have the Blue Grotto which is game of light inside the Grotto , the reflection of the limestone play a part in creating the lights in the Grotto Azzurra. During the Roman period the Great Emperor Tiberius would go to Island to bath he adored the Island and would spend quite a while there and he exchanged the Island of Ischia for Capri.

Attractions that are on the Island of Capri Villa Jovis, Augustus Gardens and Monte Solaro also Villa Sam Michele and its Museum the Villa was of the Doctor Axel  Munthe. And from the sea the The trio of rocks called the Farglioni, that can been see arriving into Capri from Sorrento. There are two main ports Marina Grande which is mainly the fishing port and Marina Piccola.

Capri Today is where the rich and Famous spend there vacation time because of the magnificent views and that you have Naples bay and you are also close to the Amalfi coast , so during the summer months there are many yachts near the bay of Capri.

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