About Bracciano a small town /village in the region Of Lazio about 30Km from the city of Rome and very close to the Port of Civitavecchia ideal to be visited from both who arrives via cruise into the port of from the city of Rome. It has a large Lake that's is Called Lago Di Bracciano ( volcanic lake ) and also there is a well preserved medieval castle calle Orsini - Ordescalchi Castel ( the castle is a popular location for the rich to celebrate their wedding in fact many actors opt for this location. On a More  important not Bracciano offers a natural place to enjoy Natire and Good Living , Not far from Bracciano there is the Village of Trevignano Romano and also the other medieval town of Anguillara Sabazia. In TrevignanoRomano you can visit the ancient Chuch of San Liberato . On the same road from Bracciano going to Treviganno you will see the ruins of Aquae Apollinars which during the Roman Age ( complex Baths ).

Activities you can enjoy is Sailing on the lake area or swimming , sightseeing.

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