Assisi is a tiny Umbrian Town in the center of Italy not far from Perugia , Assisi is best known and is visited because it was the birth place of St Francis Of Assisi  the patron saint of Italy and who founded the Franciscan Order. St Francis was and is still today that impact of  the popularity of the Catholic church for St Francis who is  greatly loved By all the Christian faiths. The main attractions is the Basilica of St Francis which contains the rests of St Francis.  Assisi itself has at least  7 other churches all worth the visit and when arriving into Assisi you will feel the connection with the town there is something trully spritual and calm as if St Francis still walks the paths of Assisi.

Assisi also offers the authentic Buildings the Roman and Medieval period is present  the building area all built going up so you will be met by houses on each side with a narrow path/road that goes around and internally through the Town.

Visiting Assisi will enlighten ones Soul and remembering the great sacrifices made by St Francis from riches to Poverty and the faith he placed in his belief.