Agrigento overlooks the Sea and also the two rivers of Hypsas And Akragas , Agrigemto was founded by the Greeks ( that came from Gelo). The Greek Colonies name Agrigento Akragas , the town grew rapidly and was one of the richest areas of the greek colonies as written " La Magna Grecia ".

The city was also a of Roman soli they fought a battle with the Carthangians they lost but regained power in 255BC but then ( with a final Peace settlement)  which gave Sicily and Akragas to Rome .The Town has a lot to offer with all the many cultures and historical events that has taken part of Agrigento past.The main sites are the Doric Temples through the Valley of the Temples just south of the town with seven Greek Temples a Sacred spot which was built from the 6 and the 5th Century BC. We have the Temple of Concordia which in later years was used as a Christian burial site ( catacombs).

Main Attraction The Temple of Juno

St Lawrence's church built on the remain of a Doric Temple , Now days due to the Ports arrivals of cruise ships this part of Sicily is visited by many people every day , offers also a wonderful landscape the warm Sicilian sun and the warmth of the locals   along with the great history and ancient story makes this place an ideal spot  to visit .

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