Cruise Excursion

Discover Solfatara and Campi Flegrei

Cruise Excursion - Discover Solfatara and Campi Flegrei
  • Code code 187 
  • Tour Length 9 hours 
  • Tour type Local Archaeolgical tour from Naples 
  • People target Everyone wishing to enjoying art history archaeological experience in this important regions of Italy 
  • Highlights Solfatara and Campi Flegrei The falvian Amphitheatre th Acropolis of Cuma 
  • Included Private local driver Taxes and tolls Full insurance cover for driver and passengers 
  • Not included Gratuity Entrance tickets lunch private walking guide 

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The booking system was flawless and apart from one email that was not answered, Josephine was very helpful. The main issue with this tour was that the final tour bore little or no resemblance to the one I booked. First issue was that when I did some in-depth study prior to the trip, I discovered that the second major element of the tour , the Flavian Amphitheatre would not be open because our day in Naples was a Tuesday and like many museums in Naples are closed , it would be closed so we would not be able to visit it. I did discuss it by email with Josephine and we agreed that other sites around Naples of interest should be available for us. The second issue was completely beyond the company's control in that Solfatara was still closed following the tragic demise of the Ventian family the previous week. Thus at least 75% of the advertised tour was not done and the final element (the closure of Solfatara) Having said all of that we had an interesting day, although it obviously had to involve a little more driving that would otherwise have been the case had we kept to the Campi Flegrei area. Our meeting with the guide at the dock was smooth and the car and driver were excellent. Our guide was superb and was able to describe many details of the area, particularly because we probably spent a little more time in and around the Acropolis of Cuma than we would have, if the two main elements of the day had been available and our visit to Opolontis was worthwile, albeit involving a long drive around Naples to get to it. Would I use the company again - yes I would,

Naples port local driver tour to Solfatara and Campi Flegrei discover Campi Flegrei and Solfatara from the port. Meet your Italy Limousine private driver at the cruise Dock. And start the day by visiting the ancient site of Campi Flegrei just north of Naples in a town called Pozzuoli. Campi Flegrei is a large volcanic area and has over 24 volcanic craters that explode in Solfatara gas showers a natural volcanic eruption. Both these important Geological sites are for the traveler that are interested in the volcanic activity and Geological composition and activity of the area.The day has been organized with the best local driver that has an extensive knowledge of both these geological sites. Also one can enjoy the Flavian Amphitheatre, the Acropolis Of Cuma and the baths of Baia , including a visit to the temple of Serapis. A full day leaving from your cruise ship In Naples Bay.