Italy Limousine how we are dealing with the COVID19 emergency as a company.

Important that we remain open to offer a complete safe and secure services for this year  2021. With an expert, we asked how we could maintain a level of safety for our Staff and Clients. With Three simple steps,

1. Firstly all our driver and tour Guides and Assistants are to wear a mask at all times.

2. Second all our vehicles are sanitized after each service, as required by law.

3. Third On board our drivers will minimize any contact with the clientele and use of disinfectant hand gel at all times, before each service and completions of a service.

The rest of the international situation can follow this link. 

What is important is to trust us and start to travel again, Italy limousine reopened in July and gradually we have adapted 100% to a new way of travelling, stay safe with us.

VACCINATION programme for Covid19  is underway worldwide this will allow italy and the world to meet again from June 2021.