Dear Customer,

I want to inform you about Corona Virus, the Italian health system, is one of the most professional and efficient excellence in the World. At this moment the best part of the world is in lock down, to defeat this invisable virus.

Italy’s situation at this moment:

we are in lock down and will re open around the 04th May and we at italy limousine will keep you informed when best to travel, we hope by july as we have to consider also all the situation globally that are now starting their lock down. But we will keep you updated with our transparency and honesty. Unlike other companies that posted videos saying travel to italy a month back,when already the north was in lock down. HONESTY AND CARE FOR OUR TEAM AND CLIENTS IS OUT TOP PRIORITY

italy has one of  the BEST health systems in the world in terms of prevention. This also applies to our Italy medical staff our healthcare workers are the best in the world. 

Italy is experiencing a more critical situation because it is looking for cases more actively than others countries (more than 60,000 swabs, airports controls, hospital control in all those who develop signs of pneumonia and not only in those who have had contact with China).

Expert opinion: Doc. Maria Rita Gismondo, Clinical Macrobiology, Virology and Bio-emergency Diagnostics ‘ Sacco Hospital’ in Milan, says

Coronavirus is a serious infection due to its spread that it currently has in Italy.

I use the word 'infection' and not pathology, because pathology is something else. Today in Italy we have very few coronavirus patients, we can count on half the fingers of one hand (the most are in Milan’s area).

All the others are particularly immunosuppressed patients who obviously would have a complication also from flu. I remember the data of the Ministry of Health - she continues - every year 2 thousand-3 thousand people die in Italy due to indirect flu.

In the case of coronavirus, on the other hand, we are talking about 3-4 people who have arrived in the hospital because they have cancer endings or are already life threatening for their previous pathologies. So, we must give a correct message of great attention, because it is a new virus for which we do not have a vaccine.

Of course our goal is to limit any new infections. But be careful not to create panic. "

Professor Filippo Luciani, Malattie infettive e Virologia ospedale “Annunziata” di Cosenza

"The dangerousness of this virus is similar of others  many viral pathogens that are usually dangerous for a whole series of categories of people such as diabetics, major cardiopaths, chronic bronchitis and people whose system the immune system is deficient due to the use of drugs (cortisone and chemotherapy) or for diseases that seriously weaken the immune system itself (HIV, tumors) ".


1-      Use the same habits for any virus

2-      Wash your hands frequently

3-      Avoid touching your face eyes and nose when outside your home

4-      Avoid close contact with sick people

5-      Use tissue paper cover you mouth to sneeze or cough 

6-      Renforce Your Immune System

italy limousine Welcomes you soon to Italy!! WE HOPE TO HAVE YOU ALL TRAVEL BACK TO ITALY IT WILL BE ONE OF THE SAFEST COUNTRIES. The situation shows that we are accepted to return to work around the first week of July, with the adequate safery standards and thats why we are working on organsing only small groups all private no shared tours. Our drivers and clients health and care is of the upmost priorty for italy limousine.