Welcome to italy limousine the number one private limo car service ( italy limousine  is also officially recognized as a Brand name Company trade mark name internationally) We want  to tell you something about all of us at Italy Limousine.....

We are proud to present this company and what it represents as a Limousine company True to the name  since  1998 with great Courage and passion and determination we are one of the first true limousine companies in Italy that offer a real chauffeur car service service all across this wonderful country.

We were the first to associate private limousine service to gastronomy and wine tours mixing expert drivers/sommilers and  found the right partners (Vineyards and wineries and Gastonomical farm Houses) to associate with our limousine service so that our clients can enjoy many more aspects of Italy. Italy Limousine has created a relationship between the interests and needs of those who love Italian culture and history.

Our Tours of the many Archaeological sites the hidden sites across Italy, the many villages and towns that our team take you to visit allowing you to enjoy the lifstyle and culture related to each area visited. Our private excursion driver team have been selected because they love their area and our highly motivated To add That extra personilzed experience To the day , so when booking our tours Our values, and tradition that have been passed down to us  by our  previous generations, we want To  share with you finding out about  the real Italy not just the basic tour imformation but about the people about the area past and present, each member of This  team will give you a touch of his experiences his unique personality and customize each day for you.  This applies To All the tours that we offer ...our goal is that we leave you a piece of our true history through our experience and our passion. After many years we have earned the trust of thousands of people worldwide who believe in us and our professionalism, and we  hope that you will also take this opportunity to choose us while  visiting our Italy and that our Italy will also become your Italy.

Live a unique experience, and especially knowing that with us you will be secure and get only the best from all of our great professionals   working  at italy limousine..... to continue with our  great success story for years to come without your help........This could not be possibile 

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