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Umbria this region was habituated  as far back at first Century Bc during the Etruscan period infact there is an important Etruscan influence that we are still lucky enough to be able to discover. In the 4 century the Roman Empire conquered the area from the Etruscan and setteled down in the umbrian region. Umbria was called the Sexta Region by the great Roman Empire. Later on we have the invasion of the Barbarians and the destruction of the Roman Empire which ruined the flourishing Umbrian area during the great Roman Period , Destroyed by the barbaric Invasions they had no care for the great value and intelligence of the Roman constructions and engineering. Many of the people during these years took refuge in the castles or took up refuge in the mountains ..many years until the Lombards arrived and gave this area stability again and the Duchy of Spoleto was declared in 571 ( which also had other areas of italy like the Marche and Abruzzo and the Lazio area ). Umbria is home to some beautiful cities like Perugia and Assisi and Orvieto. the two provinces are Perugia and Terni. So with us at italy limousine touring umbria is made easier and more relaxing and informative.

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