Salento & Gargano private car Services

Italy Limousine to Gargano to Salento offering our car services is leaving from Naples or From Rome need to get to Bari or Fassano we have an excellent car ground transportation for Puglia. This Region is a perfect destination for families it is a beautiful place with its clear blue sea and its genuine life this is an  unforgettable in an enchanting and romantic place of Italy. The Gargano is the first part of the Puglia region North it is covered by sandy beaches and the mountains ( where the Gulf of Manfredonia  ) the area has a strong 13 and 14th Century influence with its castles. Gargano sits upon a hill and is covered by the olive groves and almond trees due to the wonderful warm climate its has a an important production of Olive oil. Salento is situated on the heel of Italy small stone beaches and is one of the cleanest beaches and coast line in Italy and Europe awarded the blue flag every year Salento is on the Ionian coast and meets up with the Porto Cesareo with its  dunes of Punta Prosciutto , the beach of Pescoluse  considered the  (the Maldives of Salento), with it clean white sand  and the water is never high ideal to enjoy a family vacation by the sea.

Salento region of italy is an important sea resort for italians but each year more and more tourist internationally are appreciating the many charming aspects of this area and italy limousine want to be ready to meet this demand for car and limo tour services.

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