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wedding Planner Dear Future Bride, Groom, and Family after so many years in collaboration with other wedding planners I have decided to offer my ability directly. Instead of having to go through so many passages, one can do all with my help. Myself together with my team we can arrange the best day for you on the Amalfi coast from the town of Sorrento and Positano and Vico Equense. If you should decide to contact me through Italy limousine, what I can promise is that I am committed to each client and Dedicate all the time needed to make sure that your wedding is a once in a lifetime Experience I offer only the best advice. Honest and Integrity and Interacting with the clients and the family from the start is very important and Building a trust together so it is important that we establish a great feeling from the Start. In addition, I have the collaboration of two great experienced Travel Agents from America and Uk that they can also take care of all flight Hotel requirements and will put you in Contact with them Directly. My main organization is the wedding Venue the Reception oragnized in locations by the sea or Above Ravello and the luxury cars and transportation on the Day. Of course the rest we can discuss and plan together, it will not be that I take control of the day but will listen to what you are looking for and from there we will work together sharing our ideas, and setting up the best option. To have a first consultation we need to connect via email then telephone from there one can decide if I am the right choice for you.

Send an email to reservations@italylimousine.com attention Jessica