Cruise Excursion

Volterra and San Gimignano day visit

Cruise Excursion - Volterra and San Gimignano day visit
  • Code Tour 176 
  • Tour Length 9 hours 
  • Tour type Private day visit to Volterra and San Gimignano 
  • People target Ideal for everyone 
  • Highlights Volterra San Gimignano 
  • Included Exclusive day visit Private chauffeur English speaking Taxes and tolls Car insurance Passenger insurance 
  • Not included Gratuity Entrance fees 
  • Services Luxury veichle Driver / chauffeur local driver tour 
Discover San Gimignano Day Tour with Local professional Limo Driver

Discover San Gimignano Day Tour with Local professional Limo Driver

Get a Day Tour to San Gimignano with local professional Limousine Driver: In the heart of the Tuscany Countryside The foundations of San Gimignano are considered to date back as far as the year  63Bc legend says that there where two brothers Muzia and Silvio that had escaped from Rome and had take refuge in Valdelsa where they built tow castles One castle was called Muccio the other was called Castle of Silvia which would be where...

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Discover Volterra is an anciente town arriving via the Etruscan coastline of tuscany.Volterra dates back as far as the 7th Century Bc and has Etruscan and Roman settelements and also the medieval period. Also an important settelement called the Villanovan culture that was there during the Bronze age. The town of Volterra was called Velathri by the Etruscans and Volaterrae by the Romans. Volterra is also one of the twelve towns of the Etruscan...

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Volterra and San Gimignano day visit from the cruise port of Livorno , meet you local driver/guide at the seaport where he will be holding a name card. Together with your chauffeur drive down the Etruscan coastline where you will stop first at the town of Volterra. Once in Volterra you can walk through its narrow streets , visit the towers and the palaces all constructed with stone. Volterra has always been a town visited by many over the years but in recent years has also claimed fame for the twilight series of films and books that mention Volterra many times. Next stop is San Gimignano this very pretty Tuscan hill top town famous for its towers named " the town of a hundred towers "  Once arriving into San Gimignano you will walk up the cobbled streets and from left to right wonderful stone buildings and offering small gourmet shops that offer the best of Tuscan traditions.Also one can visit a variety of small museums along the walk and there is also an internal side street that is a medieval street that you can walk down and arrive back into the center of San Gimignano. Also the people of San Gimignano are proud of their famous white wine "vernaccia". 

Schedule meet at 0800am  drive to volterra then after drive to San Gimignano and back to the port of Livorno in Good time to embark your cruise ship.