private Family day tour to Rome city WIth Italy limousine Meet and greet at the cruise port of Civitavecchia where Your private driver/ guide Will be meeting  you  where the ship is docked there is a restricted area only for authorized limousine companies he will be there holding a Name board with you name on ( look for that )  0800am onwards after  meeting your driver that will accompany you to the car and drive from Civitavecchia port  onto your Classical Rome city day tour , with your private driver to Enjoy the essence of Rome. The rome day tour is pefect for families as we will show you and your family the best of Rome the Eternal City.  with the assistance and guidance of your private Chauffeur he will make sure you get to see the main highlights and important sights and monuments on your day from the port of Civitavecchia. As part of your Private excursion day tour your driver Will Also give general information about Rome. ( NB the driver is not a walking guide for museums and Archaeological sites) will offer his knoweledge and experience so that also the kids can get a better understanding of Rome city. 
what the office have arranged to fit into this day stopping at the Colosseum,pantheon furom and the  Trevi Fountain, Via Condotti , via the Aventine Hill and Piazza Venezia, the Monument to Victor Emmanuel II and Mussolini's balcony.
Piazza di Spagna with Spanish Steps, Piazza Navona  and finaly St  Peters square and then return back to the port.

In this world there are many wonderful cities to be visited in Italy there are many that are worth every glance of admiration. We believe that for a family arriving via cruise ship  This Eternal City called Rome is a must it is the center of history in Europe , Rome is where all important changes occured they had the best engineers the great architects with  buildings still standing today through climate change natural disasters and world war 2 that destroyed many places and the Aquaduct System that the Romans invented that are still used today.  So Rome is our passage from the past into the future they opened our minds to so much they had had one of the first forms of parlament with house of senates and the great words of Tacitus and Epicetus their  thoughts are still interpreted today , like the Greeks also the Romans have left us a legacy which we can still admire today in 2017

tickets Colosseum online visit the official sites can save time and money 

optional can be requested directly from our office a walking Guided tour cost euros €60 per hour min 2 hrs 

From ports of:
civitavecchia cruise terminal  
Tour Length
9 hours 
Tour type
Private port Shore Excursion Tour of Rome 
People target
Ideal for a couple but also adaptable for families with children.
 Every itinerary can be modified to fit any special need or request. 
Colosseum, Aventine Hill, Piazza Venezia, Trevi Fountain, Piazza di Spagna, Spanish Steps, Borghese Gardens, Piazza Navona. 
qualified english speaking driver taxes and tolls full Insurance family/kid friendly 
Not included
Entrance tickets and Private Guide gratuity 
Transportation in a comfortable Mercedes Limovan equipped with double air-conditioning , 
Rome city ( the eternal city )

Rome city ( the eternal city )

Rome city ( the eternal city ) enjoy a day on the town in Rome,  explore and discover the Eternal City its history from the Etruscan period to the Roman period which was its greatest and the Start of Christianity and the center of all christian faith the city of the Vatican. Rome offers everyone a view to the past History of the great Roman Empire you can admire and Visit the many sites related to the Great Roman Empire and its influence...

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Vatican City

Vatican City

Vatican City The Vatican City, is an independent sovereign state since the year 1929 (the pact of the Lateran), Vatican city is situated where the sqaure of St. Peter lies and also where St Peter was martyred and buried. The very First Christians where concentrated during the reign of the  Emperor Constantine, who built the a basilica on the grounds in the 4th century AC which later on was destroyed and rebuilt which took over 120 years to...

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Appian Way

Appian Way

Appian Way Take a walk along the original walls of Ancient Rome the slab stones That are the conclusions of the city Of Rome.  Appian Way is the Example of the great Geniality of the Romans and their constructions dating from the 4th Century Bc . The Road System  allowed the efficiency of the troops reaching each location rapidly and also made the commerce easy from location to location .  The Romans in Building the roads where not...

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Civitavecchia  Civitavecchia the meaning comes the ancient town which is in the province of Lazio close to Rome and the lake of Bracciano  and Cervetiva and Tarquina . Civitavecchia is the Main port of the area and situated on the Tyrrhenian Sea, In Ancient time the harbor Was constructed by the Emperor Trajan , and the port was called s Potus Trajani . Civitavecchia being a port has been attacked and been occupied by many civilizations...

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